Celebrating Mother’s Day Across the Distance

Our mothers deserve so much more than one day of celebration!

Celebrating Mother's Day Across the Distance: It can be hard to find ways to celebrate the mothers in our lives when we don't live near them! But thats ok! All they want is our love!

They have given their all to making us who we are. You never know how wonderful your mom is until it’s 4am her time and you have a non-emergency question that desperately needs answering and she picks up the phone on the first ring saying she’s answering your text now! (Based on a totally true story that just happened five minutes ago).

She is there to celebrate your highest highs and cry with and comfort you in your lowest lows.

And for most of my life I got to celebrate my mom every year on Mother’s Day. But a couple years ago when I married my husband there was suddenly another mother in my life that was worthy of celebration too.

My mother-in-law not only calls and checks in on me weekly, offers to house me when my husband goes unaccompanied for a year, and lets me store my stuff in her house during PCSs, but she also raised my husband to be the wonderful man that I fell in love with and married.

She molded him just like my mother molded me. And she deserves to be celebrated too. While our husbands are awesome people, let’s face it, anniversaries, birthdays, and holidays are not always in the forefront of their mind. And for good reason sometimes. Days glaze over during TDYs, long weeks in the field, and deployments.

Since we don’t live near either of our families, we have had to find new ways to celebrate our mothers over the last couple years.

We can’t make her breakfast in bed (a tried and true standby as kids), we can’t bring her flowers or her favorite dessert, or just have lunch with her. So here are some ways we have found to be creative in celebrating Mother’s Day!

  • Send her flowers from an online delivery service.
  • Send her Starbucks gift cards so she can treat herself.
  • Celebrate late or early if you get to visit anywhere around Mother’s Day.
  • Or simply just give her a phone call to let her know how much you love and appreciate her!

However you choose to celebrate Mother’s Day, near or far, just make sure your mom knows you love and appreciate her. That is all she really wants!

So don’t forget to send those cards out, even if they are late! I know mine will be a little late this year! But hey, better late than never!

About Grace Lipscomb

Grace Lipscomb has been an Army wife for a little over a year. She was raised all over the world from South Carolina to Micronesia. A recent graduate from University of South Carolina where she completed her masters degree in Counselor Education, emphasis in marriage and family counseling, she is trying to get her foot in the door to provide services for troops and family members. She is currently a full time stay at home puppy mom to one rambunctious little ball of energy. She loves Starbucks, friends at the dog park, baking, eating all the sweets and cheese she can, and obsessively re-watching all episodes of Gilmore Girls.

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