Dear Stranger

Dear Stranger,

You may look at me with three small children on my own and wonder why I look so disheveled. I am holding their little hands and trying to navigate them through a new activity in a new building that I have only seen once. I look and feel every bit of clueless, but I am trying so hard to be brave so my children know to follow suit.

You may notice me at the grocery store with a baby in the cart. I have circled the same aisle five times. I just can’t seem find what I am looking for.

I’m the woman who uses GPS to find the location of my new home. I can’t remember how to get there.

I am the mom you see every single week at school dropoff and you wonder why I constantly park on the wrong side of the lot.

I am the wife you never see with my spouse and you may wonder if I even have one.

I am the woman who engages in conversation longer than most, even when I have no clue who you are. I am the person who desperately needs a friend. I will ask you where the best Mexican restaurant is or where the best outdoor playground is. You may be annoyed with my questions and my bright eyed look of wonder.

I am self-doubting, hopeful, confused, and learning all at the same time.

I smile at you as you pass by, or at the school dropoff, or talk your ear off every week at cheer practice.

I am the woman, the Army wife, the mother of three who is starting my life all over in a brand new state, brand new town.


About Rachel Motta

Rachel has been an Army wife for 6 years. She and her husband are at their third duty station with two little girls and another girl on the way. Currently, she is a stay-at-home mother and loves taking in all the perfect and cray-cray moments of motherhood. She has volunteered in the Army community in many ways but the biggest role was being an FRG leader for a year-and-a-half. Rachel is a licensed cosmetologist, chocolate fiend, avid runner, Kansas State University Wildcat fanatic, and a serial yoga pant wearer.

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