First Ever Field Exercise(tm)! Dreams Do Come True!

WOW! Yesterday was an amazing day. I saw all of my dreams come true and really felt like I was doing “what I was supposed to be doing.” We did our Spouse Field Exercise at Fort Stewart. Normally, I would have been humble, accepted thanks, and wondered if we really did do a good job. I walked away from last night with my head in the clouds! I truly, truly, can say that I AM SO PROUD of what we did. It was amazing!!! Without USAA we couldn’t have done it, I know this….but I know how much work went into it and I am just so proud it turned out exactly as we had planned.

Of course, in AAR (after action review) I can see a few things I would change. I’m always open to making things better. Still, after that, I just can’t believe we touched people the way we did. My dream was for them to walk out of last night and say “WOW”. I KNOW we achieved that. I don’t even think USAA can argue they didn’t get their bang for their buck last night. They not only reached spouses but you should have seen the “we love USAA” notes!

The girls attended the event from 5pm to 8pm last night. We had childcare provided by the YMCA, dinner buffet, taught them to make themed care packages, shared resources, networked and more. They walked away last night, EACH ONE OF THEM, with a bag containing information, two books by military authors, a burt’s bees pack, a 20.00 gift card to Walmart, a 25.00 gift card to Bath and Body, and much more! That wasn’t even the DOOR PRIZES we gave away. It was simply and truly amazing. The best part was when I asked Star to step back and take a peek at what was going on. We both took a moment (because life is in moments!) and watched everyone meandering around. They were all so happy! I told Kevin that it was amazing – all of these women who had deployed spouses, or were about to have deployed spouses, moms, with so much going on in their lives and they were all laughing, smiling, hugging on each ohter, and having a great time! Best part? It was all because of us. I was afraid to say that but DANG IT it’s true. It was. That was the best feeling in the world. Nothing could replace that!!!

We did good….and I know my family would be proud too. I wish Kevin was there to share it with us – but he was in spirit – and in FLAT DADDY! He was our OIC (officer in charge) for the entire event.

I cannot thank USAA enough. What they did last night was nothing short of amazing and true appreciation for military families. THAT is how you show appreciation. I hope that they get the feedback from the spouses they deserve.

Here are some pictures of the event:

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2 Responses to “First Ever Field Exercise(tm)! Dreams Do Come True!”

  1. Robin Mira May 18, 2007 1:51 am

    Hey Tara – great night on Tuesday. The pics aren’t showing up for me…is there another way I can see them?

  2. Mike Kelly May 18, 2007 4:02 am

    Tara, the truth is, USAA couldn’t have been involved in such a wonderful and rewarding event without YOU! We truly have a special mission and I hope the ladies @ Ft Stewart got a taste of the appreciation USAA has for service and sacrifice of our “Heroes at Home.” We recognize the incredibly challenging roles they play in the success of our Soliders. God bless you all.Mike

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