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My new stepdaughter will be staying with us starting soon, and I really want to do that elf thing for her first Christmas with us. I kind of want to start a new tradition for our family going forward. My problem is that I see all of these amazing setups that people post on social media and I am totally intimidated! How can I find the time to do it, and where do people come up with all of those ideas? Do you know of any military themes I can toss into the mix?  Can you help me? 


Not feeling Elftastic (yet). 

Hi Elftastic!

First of all, what a wonderful idea you have; to start new traditions as you add your stepdaughter to your family is a great way to make her feel included (and for you to feel involved) right from the start!

We LOVE the Elf around Army Wife Network, and yes, we even have resources and ideas to share with you!

First, I encourage you to hang out with us on our Facebook page at where you’ll see all kinds of elf-related things popping up throughout the month of December. We like to have a lot of Christmas fun at AWN! Just check out this post from December 12th which is ALL about the Elf:

Your best resource for Elf ideas is Pinterest; you will find SO many creative masterpieces there. Some of them are elaborate, but most are pretty easily achieved, and you can start by checking out the ideas on AWN’s Pinterest boards here:

You may also want to just keep an eye on AWN’s main site at as there is plenty more Christmas to come for us at AWN!

As for time, if you find yourself with very little time to do these things on a daily basis just keep it simple. The Elf’s narrative as it combines with your personal family culture is yours to decide. Most of us reposition the Elf at night after the kids have gone to bed but before we do, and others do it early in the morning before we get the kids up for the day. If you can’t get it done with a little Elf antic attached, that’s okay too. Just move the Elf and place a note that says how tired she is because she had to go check in with Santa at the North Pole, or something along those lines.

Thanks for writing, and Merry Christmas from AWN to you and your family!

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