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As military spouses, “new” experiences, aren’t always, well, new to us. It seems like every other day we are facing something new: a new plan, a new duty station, a new season of milspouse life.

And, because we military spouses are resilient to the core, we know how to embrace new opportunities and make the absolute best of it.  

The same can be said for this new year.

Yes, dear readers… 2019 could be the year that things look different for you. Not necessarily for your waistline (although if that is one of your goals for this year, more power to you) but more for your wallet, bank account, and investments.

Here’s some great news: There is a team out there ready and waiting to help you with all things financially fresh. They are called First Command.

First Command has a vast amount of resources to help you financially plan for the new year. Maybe this is the year that you feel called to create a budget, automate your savings, or work with a financial advisor. There’s no better time than now to make your money work for you (because you work so hard for it!).

Maybe the idea of freshening up (or starting!) your financial plan is appealing… But where, oh, where should you start? For someone like me who is not a numbers person (I’m a words girl… numbers make me itchy), taking steps to get the dollar bill ball rolling is almost overwhelming.

Never fear, First Command is here! They have a great article that takes about two minutes to read and includes simple, straightforward tips to get you started, particularly if you are a “military millennial” (say that five times fast).  

The best part about freshening up your financial planning perspective is that it isn’t something that only benefits you today—it goes much farther than that, helping you to plan and boost your financial savviness for the coming years beyond the military boots.

In a world where the only thing that is certain is that tomorrow is somewhat of an uncertainty, being engaged with your finances not only provides a solid foundation for tomorrow, but it can also bring security and stability for today. There’s always new things to learn and “life hacks” that might just make things more enjoyable and efficient, so why not check out First Command to see what they have to offer for financially freshening up your New Year?

Are you ready to start fresh and fine-tune your finances in the New Year? Connect with First Command on their websiteFacebookTwitter or LinkedIn. Or find a financial coach near you!


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