Give an Hour – Giving Help and Hope

Today I want to talk about an amazing resource called Give An Hour.

From their website, Give an Hour’s mission is:

to develop national networks of volunteer professionals capable of responding to both acute and chronic conditions that arise within our society. Since 2005 we have focused on providing free and confidential mental health care to those who serve, our veterans and their families. We have since expanded our efforts to address the mental health needs of other populations. Through the generosity, compassion, and expertise of Give An Hour’s skilled volunteers, we were able to increase the likelihood that those in need receive the support and care they deserve.

Give an Hour is a network of mental health professionals with a passion to give back to the military community. Each member within the program offers one hour of their time to counsel our service members, veterans, and their families regarding a myriad of challenges.

As a military community, we are offered so many resources and a lot of them are at the tips of our fingers. Give an Hour is another great resource available for us to take advantage of.

Right now, the program is available to those currently serving in the military, veterans (regardless of discharge status, deployment status, or era of service), and their families.

CJ and I recently decided to take advantage of this resource for ourselves.

What is great about these organizations, is that it gives you another tool in your marriage or relationship “toolbox” to use when needed, or just in your own personal self care toolbox as well.

CJ and I are always striving for new ways to be the best partners we can be for each other. We are a team, but sometimes a team needs a little help to win, and it is completely OK to ask for help! Especially coming off of a recent deployment, our thoughts are, why not?

I thought it might be helpful for me to share a tidbit of our experience so far, so that others who may be considering this amazing resource will know what to expect.

We called the provider listed closest to our home zip code. You have access to a search tool within the website that will filter all providers available to you based on where you live, or what type of provider you are looking for, etc.

The provider was extremely nice and helpful, and was actually excited that we were inquiring about utilizing the Give An Hour program. We are the first military couple to use the Give An Hour program at his practice!

He even asked if it was an emergency situation, as he would have altered his schedule to allow for us to be seen by him right away. The scheduling process has been very smooth so far and we felt extremely comfortable. We have not attended the appointment yet, but I will write a follow up post after attending that provides more details about the appointment process!

All in all, I think it is important as a military community to really understand all that is out there for us to take advantage of.

Caring organizations like Give An Hour are here because they want to serve us and give back, like so many other organizations who offer programs and services like this!

Stay tuned for an updated installment of our Give An Hour journey!


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I'm Jenna! 34, career lady, addicted to coffee, amateur photographer, supporting my post 9-11 Combat Veteran who is an Active Guard Reservist for the Michigan Army National Guard! Trying to get through the crazy schedules, the "can't have a plan" lifestyle with a little bit of humor, grace, and spreading encouragement to others who are living this same life as we are that we wouldn't trade for the world! I have a passion for uplifting others and helping them see their potential and follow their dreams.

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