How My Crafty Life is Like Military Life

Crafting is one of my favorite pastimes! I love making anything and everything. I love all things scrapbook and DIY.

While I think I am pretty good, I know I won’t be opening an Etsy store anytime soon. No one else wants to feature my designs in their home or on their kids. And I am totally cool with that.

I don’t craft to make money or as a side job, but just to keep myself entertained. My most recent projects had to do with the upcoming arrival of the newest little Lipscomb, arriving in just 2 short months!!

So this week I have been busy making burp cloths. And when I say making burp cloths, what I really mean is dressing up cloth diapers. You know the kind you find on Etsy that are super adorable, but then you look at the price tag, and realize your little one will never have such cute pieces of fabric to throw up on!

So I set off to make my own, sans monogram or applique, but a bit fancier than just a cloth diaper none the less. And to be honest, I think they turned out really cute. So cute that I decided to pick up what I needed to make a few more, because what else am I going to do sitting at home for 2 more months!

By no means are they perfect. The fabric isn’t cut completely even, the ribbons aren’t exactly straight. But, they are really just for her to throw up on to save our clothes, right?

As I was thinking about my cute, but less-than-perfect burp cloth crafting, it made me realize that military life is a lot like crafting.

It isn’t always perfect; sometimes it’s just downright ugly in the process, but in the end we are left with something we want more of, we wouldn’t trade, and genuinely appreciate.

Our time apart can strengthen our marriages. Our last minute PCS orders can take us to some of our favorite places around the world. Long deployments can show us what we are really made of–strength, courage, and love. Sure the process is difficult and sometimes we wish we could just skip to the end results (hello, Etsy).

But going through it ourselves makes us appreciate it that much more.

I don’t know, maybe the baby brain is real, and my mind is drawing random connections trying to make sense of our long separation at this point in our lives. But I really think I may be on to something.

So the next time you are tempted to quit your project half way through because the middle is a bit messy, remember how great it can be in the end.

And that sometimes it’s ok to just go ahead and buy the cute monogrammed burp cloth for your baby!


About Grace Lipscomb

Grace Lipscomb has been an Army wife for a little over a year. She was raised all over the world from South Carolina to Micronesia. A recent graduate from University of South Carolina where she completed her masters degree in Counselor Education, emphasis in marriage and family counseling, she is trying to get her foot in the door to provide services for troops and family members. She is currently a full time stay at home puppy mom to one rambunctious little ball of energy. She loves Starbucks, friends at the dog park, baking, eating all the sweets and cheese she can, and obsessively re-watching all episodes of Gilmore Girls.

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