How to Repair your Skin after Harsh Winter Months

Winter’s icy temperatures and harsh winds are not friendly to your skin so when spring comes along, it’s no surprise to find yourself battling with dry or irritated skin. Here’s how to rejuvenate your skin.

SkinDo Speedy Skin Renewal

Let’s be honest: you probably can’t spend hours in front of the mirror dealing with your post-winter skin when the kids need to be taken to school and you’ve got loads of tasks that are waiting for you to be finished. The important thing is to concentrate on having quick but healthy skincare. That means cleansing, toning and moisturizing religiously (as you probably already do) but swapping your moisturizer with a different product that will suit the climate. Your spring moisturizer should be light and easily absorbed – don’t use a creamy lotion that is more suitable for winter as you don’t need the layers.

Glycolic Acid is Your Skin BFF

Exfoliation is also highly important to keep your skin healthy. You can make your own quick exfoliation with the use of sugar or salt, or choose products containing alpha-hydroxy ingredients (such as glycolic acid). These are gentler on your skin when compared to chemical peels. If you’re suffering from discoloration after a pimple breakout, a whitening cream that contains glycolic acid will help to exfoliate the surface layer of skin that contains the discoloration, giving you a clearer and brighter complexion.

Get Your Daily Antioxidants

You know that eating healthy foods nourishes your skin and these are important to fight free radicals which are responsible for a multitude of skin issues, such as discoloration and wrinkles. If you already have both problems, besides for eating your antioxidants you should be applying them to your skin, such as with a natural skin lightening product. This will not only eliminate dark spots but also provide your skin with nourishment it needs to look youthful. Some great antioxidants to look for include Vitamin C and green tea, both of which supply your skin with strengthening and whitening ingredients.

water skinHydrate with Sunscreen

Keep your skin hydrated by drinking lots of water and eating foods that are known to keep your skin plump and smooth, such as omega-3s and water-rich foods like celery or cucumbers. But you also need to use sunscreen religiously. This is especially important now that you’ll be spending more time outside. Sunscreen will keep your skin from getting pigmentation or making discoloration worse. It also zaps dryness by keeping your skin hydrated.

Make sure you always apply sunscreen after moisturizing to create a barrier of protection. Choose a sunscreen that contains non-chemical ingredients and make use of ones like zinc oxide that are not irritating to skin. Remember that it’s not just your face that needs sun protection but your neck, hands and décolletage, too!

Less is More Beautiful

When refreshing and nourishing your skin in spring, make sure you don’t do too much. You might be rushing to incorporate lots of different treatments or products into your skin routine, but this can become abrasive for your skin, as well as be unnecessarily expensive. Stick to the minimum daily routine and use gentle ingredients that come from natural sources. If you are trying to eliminate a skin condition, such as pigmentation, bear in mind that you need to use the products on a daily basis (according to the product specifications) so that you give them a chance to work. Be committed to getting healthier, clearer skin this summer so that you can get on with your days while your skin looks its best.

Having healthy skin during the warmer months doesn’t have to result in lots of products or a complete change to your skincare routine. By making the above tweaks to your daily regimen, you don’t have to let dull or dry winter skin get you down.

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Post submitted by AWN Guest Contributor Hilary Smith


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  1. veronica December 8, 2016 5:59 pm

    winter is honestly my favorite tie of year!! except for the damage it does to my face!! good ting theres alot of good products out there that help like, Maxatone by SOLVADERM a daily purifying facial toner that removes skin-dulling impurities without harsh or drying ingredients.

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