How to Save Money with Military Discounts and Cashback

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Confession: I am kind of obsessed with assessments. I’ve probably taken a majority of the most popular ones at some point in my life, and some of them multiple times.

Myers-Briggs? Yep, ENFJ right here. The Five Love Languages? Take the trash out and I will love you forever (see also: Acts of Service). And of course, one that comes up over and over again on the Gallup Strengths-Finder: Learner.

Yes, I am a learner. I love learning about anything new, especially as a military spouse because, let’s be honest, the details of this Army wife life seem to change every 45 seconds! I’ve learned a lot of lessons as a military spouse over the years, and I especially love learning about new tools that can help my military family function more smoothly or save a little bit of extra dough.

I’ve recently learned that when it comes to getting the most bang for the financial buck, Ebates is right on the money (double pun intended).

Learners like to ask questions, so you are probably wondering, “What is Ebates?” So glad you asked! Ebates is a program in which consumers can get cash back for shopping at over 2,500 stores. Intriguing, you say? Well, get this: becoming a member is free! #YesPlease

So how exactly does Ebates work? Well, stores pay Ebates a commission for sending customers their way, and Ebates then shares the commission with Y-O-U as cash back. Members of Ebates get paid every three months, plus earn a cash bonus when they join and shop. Founded in 1998, Ebates has paid members over $1 billion in cash back. Talk about making bank!

Using Ebates is as easy as one, two, free! Simply start shopping at Ebates like you normally would and earn cash back in the process. Choose how you want to get paid, typically via PayPal or check.

That’s it. (See, told you it was easy!) But wait… THERE’S MORE! Tell them about it, Johnny.

We can’t forget about military discounts! Typically, military discounts are given to military personnel (active duty military member, veteran, retired military member, reservist) and often their family members (such as the military spouse or dependents).

Naturally, these discounts can vary from store to store, with some stores giving coupons to qualifying shoppers, and others offering a percentage off the total purchase amount. Some stores even give perks like free shipping. If you’re interested in a particular store, it’s worth checking to see if they offer a military discount. Many popular stores do, like Nike, Lowe’s, and Carter’s. (Check out more here!)

Most of us likely know about military discounts (my kindergartener might have “hypothetically” asked for a military discount when “playing restaurant” the other day), but how does that connect with Ebates? Well, unlike at your battalion’s dinner party, Ebates encourages “double-dipping!”

Ebates users can use their military discount and earn cash back on top of the discount! To stack savings, first start at Ebates and click on a store link to take you to the store. The store will prompt you to verify your military status by entering a military ID, dependent ID, veteran ID or another type of military ID. Next, do your shopping using your military discount. Once the store reports your order to Ebates, cash back will automatically be added to your Ebates account! It’s that simple.

And don’t worry, even if the store doesn’t offer any military discounts, you can still use Ebates to save money. Just remember to start your online shopping excursion at Ebates and you will still get cash back!

So yes, I’ve learned a lot of lessons in my military wife life: Never write on the calendar in ink; always live by the “no-plan-plan;” adding “ish” to every published time hack is encouraged; civilians will be a bit puzzled if you speak to them using military lingo such as “Roger,” “Tracking,” or “Wilco.” And I’ve learned that saving money for our military family is always a plus. Utilizing the services provided by Ebates is certainly a lesson worth learning!

Not an Ebates member yet? Join now for free and start earning cash back on top of your military discount. Keep in touch and be the first to know about new deals on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, and Google+.


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