It’s Always ‘See You Later’

The exodus from the neighborhood has begun. Every day, it seems as though there is another moving truck. More cleaning supplies are left on my doorstep (I’m now questioning if it’s because the movers won’t pack them or my PCSing neighbors are trying to send me a message). Addresses in the book are being erased, ready for a new one to be written in pencil.


This morning, we watched some of the best neighbors we have ever had drive off for the West Coast. I won’t lie, there were some tears from all parties involved. But it’s not “goodbye,” it’s “see you later.” We never know where the Army will send us next, if it will be to the same state or even to the same duty station. “See you later” has that ring of hope to it as well—there’s always the possibility that we will meet again.

My younger daughter Bullet is adamant that we send care packages to all of our friends who have moved away recently. What a generous kid! Care packages have come a long way according to the pictures I’ve seen on Pinterest. I don’t know if I’m that creative. But this post has a lot of great ideas for fellow military spouse care packages. I’m looking forward to packing up several.

These houses on our street aren’t going to be empty for long. New people are going to be moving in before I know it.

And Miss Shrinking Violet over here (that’s me, despite the act I put on for everyone), may need some help making introductions. Thankfully, the amazing owner of Army Wife Network, Crystal Niehoff wrote a great piece about how to meet people here: 6 Ways to Make Friends at a New Duty Station. It’s helpful to me to remember that just over a year ago, I was the new kid on the block without a washer and dryer or cookies.

And who knows? Maybe one of these moving trucks will bring someone we’ve already said “see you later” to.


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