It’s Really About Being Proactive

It's Really About Being (2)When I stop to think about why some Army spouses feel that this life isn’t for them or that it’s just not working out so well…I realize that for some of them it really is true…but then I see the majority that really just need to make a change in themselves to see the benefits. Is the glass really half full? Or half empty? It’s really about being proactive.

For example, when I had my baby at Ft Hood, TX I was told OVER and OVER how horrible it was to have a baby there. I mean you should have HEARD the stories – and doesn’t it make you want to slap the person? Like you have a CHOICE as to where you are going to have this? Oh, wait, it’s horrible? Really? Well let me go get that extra 6,000 bucks out of my savings and head up to Temple to the bigger hospital…YA RIGHT!! Anyway, I digress…over and over I was told it was awful, but I am here as LIVING PROOF to tell you that it was actually quite a joy! Well as much of a joy that childbirth can really be – ha ha ha – okay okay, I’m talking about the PAIN!!! I think it’s really all about being proactive and not reactive.

NEWSFLASH to all of you out there – this is going to seem harsh to some but GUESS WHAT? The ARMY (in all it’s glory) isn’t here to TAKE CARE OF YOU.  It is out of the goodness of their hearts and a desire to have happy families and soldiers that they provide the services which they do, and ironically most of which are not even taken advantage of, so instead we complain. Sure it’s a hard life, hell I’ve had my battles just as much as each one of you, but being REACTIVE to what the Army does for it’s “business”, and taking it personal, isn’t getting you anywhere.

My advice? PROACTIVE instead of REACTIVE! That means GO OUT THERE and make the best of what you have! Sure, it’s a given there are some things you can’t change, so change the things you can! Find JOY and LOVE in what is available. Make the most of each day (so what if you have some down ones – we’re allowed!) and be PROUD of who you are and your purpose on this Earth. I can tell you, not everyone CAN do this – but YOU can…and you’ll do it with grace once you change your attitude and you choose to not let outside things control everything you do.

How will you be more proactive when it comes to life in the Army? Share with us! 


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