Make New Friends But Keep The Old

I’ve written in the past about making friendships with other military spouses because it’s an important, vital, amazing connection to have.

Be open-minded and get out there and find your people. And let me tell you, sometimes your people are nothing like you or nothing like you expected! Those friendships turn out to be the best of them all.

I sometimes have an impossibly optimistic point of view on military life. I personally feel moving around and making new friends and seeing new places is fun. Adventure is always waiting!

But to prove that my can-do attitude comes in handy, I wanted to point out some facts I have learned.

Did you know, according to the Department of Defense, 0.4% of the American population is actively serving in the military, and that is all branches combined, not just the Army. So yeah, the Army is a wee bit tiny.

The chance you have of bumping into people you know down the road is very likely, and I am learning this hands-on.

We just recently came back to Virginia for the husband’s schooling, which is exciting for us. We love Virginia, the trees in the fall, the Carter Mountains, the beaches, Virginia has it all. We loved Virginia the first time around and we are loving it again even more so because we have friends to hang out with.

How do I have friends already? Well, because we made these friends during our time at Fort Riley and during our first stay in Virginia. We are catching up with people we haven’t seen in years and loving every minute of it.

I can only imagine in our lifetime how many connections our Motta family will make and how many beautiful memories will be made.

Remember to make new friends and keep the old. Life is an adventure and for a military spouse and military family it’s an ever-changing adventure! So get out there and make some memories.


About Rachel Motta

Rachel has been an Army wife for 6 years. She and her husband are at their third duty station with two little girls and another girl on the way. Currently, she is a stay-at-home mother and loves taking in all the perfect and cray-cray moments of motherhood. She has volunteered in the Army community in many ways but the biggest role was being an FRG leader for a year-and-a-half. Rachel is a licensed cosmetologist, chocolate fiend, avid runner, Kansas State University Wildcat fanatic, and a serial yoga pant wearer.

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