Most Memorable Milspouse Moments: Part 1 (Link-Up & Giveaway)

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Maybe it’s just me, but I feel like our military family spends a good deal of our time dreaming about the future. Our next duty station. If/when we will make that next rank. What our next assignment will be. And yes… even imagining (and sometimes dreaming about!) what life after the Army will be.

Often times, thinking about the future can be a great motivating factor, especially when the going gets tough. But you know what? Looking back at where we’ve been, what we’ve experienced, and how far we have come can also provide that #GoAmerica fuel we need to face the next milspouse challenge. Or adventure.

And so that brings us to this new Recon Rendezvous miniseries: Our Most Memorable Milspouse Moments. (Bonus: It’s also a fun tongue twister.)

For the next three first-of-the-month posts, I will be sharing with you one of my most memorable milspouse moments, as well as some military memories submitted by you, our AWN fans and followers.

Let’s get started, shall we?

In the years that I have been a military spouse, I (obviously) have a lot of memories–some very sweet and wonderful, others not so much. But to get this memorable party started, I think I should share how I got my Army wife start.

And yes. I know you don’t have all day. So this will be the abridged version.

I was in college at Kansas State University in Manhattan, KS, forty days from graduation. In my 5 years of college (well, my entire life) I never had a “real” boyfriend. (Don’t get me wrong–I went on a handful of dates, but it was like, “Hey bro, thanks for the supper, but I’m good.” #ColorMeUnimpressed

Anywho. It was literally one of the most painful days of my life that day. Lots of super sad, heavy stuff going on (several people in my network of friends/family had passed away that very day). I had spent most of the afternoon holed up in my room, sobbing my eyes out, grieving for my friends/family.

So the last thing I wanted to do was “go out” that night. But we had some college friends in town from Minnesota, so I rallied (aka, was Voluntold) to be their Designated Driver as they toured Aggieville.

Long story still long, that night some random dude started dancing with me in a bar. It was his birthday. I was a bit cautious, but we started talking (what?!?!) and the rest, as they say, is history. (That was TOTALLY not part of my no-plan-plan.) This blonde-haired, blue-eyed infantryman ambushed my heart. (Sorry, couldn’t resist the corny analogy.)

We did the long-distance relationship thing for the remainder of the summer and he deployed at the end of August. He came home in April and proposed, right there in the teeny-tiny Columbus (Missouri) Regional Airport. His brother was home on leave from Germany and had purchased the ring while staying at my house. And I had. no. idea. (He slipped my husband the ring right as Brandon was proposing. My now-husband jokes that he was worried, because he thought he was going to open the box and there was going to be a twisty-tie ring in there.)

I, of course, said yes. And here we are.

So that’s ONE of my many memorable milspouse moments. But enough about me. Let’s check out what our readers had to say on the subject.


My most memorable milspouse moment was when my husband called me and told me to go to Labor and Delivery after work because his friend’s wife (who I had met about 2 times) was in labor and he was away at training. My husband had her two girls and was going to the airport to get her mother-in-law. I sat awkwardly in her delivery room, unsure what small talk to make in that situation and prayed her MIL would make it before baby came (she did)… But, hey as a milspouse you know these things are bound to happen. We are best friends now! Meeting new friends in the oddest of places is one of the most awesome things about being a #milspouse! ~Kristie A. C. 


My most memorable milspouse moment, thus far, was the night my husband came home from deployment. It was the first one for both of us, so you can imagine the rollercoaster ride of emotions at hand. They changed his homecoming five times before finally coming home. It was 9pm and 10 degrees outside when he finally stood before us. No one told me how much of a shock I would feel seeing my HUSBAND again after 5 months! ~Tessa R. 


My most memorable milspouse moment was being able to sit in on a session of Congress with other milspouses and hearing a bill presented based on the AFAP issue asking that GI bill benefits be passed to family members. A few years later I was able to use my husband’s GI bill to go to college and get my bachelor’s degree. ~Regenia G. 


My most memorable milspouse moment was at the Christmas social when I was making stupid jokes and recommending music to a soldier… who I later realized was the Command Sergeant Major. ~Megan R. 


My most memorable milspouse moment was June 18, 2013. I drove from Fort Polk to Fort Benning to see my husband graduate Ranger School. Fun fact: I was nine months pregnant and having contractions the whole ten hour drive! Being able to see the graduation and pin him was the most rewarding thing ever! And five days later, I had our daughter. ~Jaricka P. 


Dear readers: What is YOUR most memorable milspouse memory? Comment below! Also, don’t forget to enter to win our monthly giveaway. We will see you right back here next month for our next installment of our most memorable milspouse memories.

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  1. Sarah Mayer July 13, 2017 11:32 am

    I really don’t have one.. I love the ones where they surprise the husband at the airport though!


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