My 2019 Word


I always hear so many people say, “I don’t have any regrets.”

Really? Do you not? Not one?

I love people who have no regrets and take the bull by the horns, own up to everything, and keep trucking along.

I am just not that person.

I have regrets.

I have said things in anger that I truly wish would have never left my lips.

I have laid in bed at night replaying a situation that went completely sideways, and I regret a decision I made to add to the escalation as opposed to being a vessel of peace.

I have made choices based on bad information or assumptions that had the ripple of bad effects.

Don’t get me wrong, my entire life isn’t full of bad choices and remorse, but I certainly wish I could have a couple do-over’s in my life.

As I sat and thought about my “word of the year” back in December, I really had to ask myself where I wanted to be in a year.

Where did I feel like I wasn’t giving my best effort? What about myself would I like to see improved, a trait I would like to see strengthen? And almost like a wrecking ball, the word “intentional” started showing up everywhere. In my Facebook and Instagram feeds, in books I was reading, in conversations with dear friends. I felt like this was the word I needed to focus on in 2019.

I absolutely, firmly believe that if I live a life of intentionality, I will never have a day with regrets.

So, what does it mean, exactly?

Merriam-Webster defines intentional as: “done by intention or design.”

Hmm…well that isn’t particularly helpful.

I scroll a little further to synonyms—conscious, deliberate, knowing, purposeful.

OK, now we’re on to something. Then the question becomes, how do I apply intentionality to my daily life? What does that look like?

The first thing I did was write a personal mission statement for myself for the year.

It didn’t take a lot of time or effort, but I wanted something that forced pen to paper to remind myself frequently, daily. Without stating the pun, I needed to be intentional about my intentionality. My mission statement focuses on where I can be intentional with my pursuit of being a Jesus-girl, loving my husband by affirming his leadership and meeting his needs, intentional in nurturing, loving and cherishing my children, intentionally managing my home and cultivating an atmosphere of learning.

Am I there?

Heck, no. 

Not even kind-of on my best days. But I’m striving, and the point is to remind myself that these are the areas of intentionality where I am trying to focus.

So how do I apply this throughout my daily grind?

It’s easy to complain, so I choose to be grateful instead of grumble.

I can work on responding instead of reacting.

I can carefully consider my choices and understand (Thank you, Lysa Terkuerst for the incredible and insightful book, The Best Yes) that I don’t have just two choices when making a decision. I can choose yes, no, or the best yes.

Is the item in question getting the best of what I have to offer, or is it just another item on the never-ending to do list?

I am intentional about my health and wellness and focusing on mind, body, and spirit. Am I getting caught up in replying to messages and checking social media and not intentional with the small amount of time I get to spend with my kids during the day?

Everything here is easy, and everything here is a choice to be more present and more aware. To say no to more than what fills the white space on my calendar and yes to the things that will bring greater good to my husband and children, because that’s the season I’m in right now.

Find your word.

Find your motivation.

Find the drive that keeps you intentional in your season.


About Tiffany Boyce

Tiffany is a native midwestern girl from southern Ohio who happened to fall in love with a soldier in 2003. She graduated from Miami University with a degree in Public Relations but her faith in Jesus has led her on a path to educate young children and she currently works in her local school system. She has two children that keep her on her toes as they make their way through the world of the Army. Tiffany is a Jesus-loving girl, avid book reader, a pseudo-Disney marathon runner that loves being an Army wife. Her family is currently living in the gorgeous landscape of Vicenza, Italy and trying to figure out all things European through lots of trial and error. You can follow all their adventures on Instagram at Tifbtink.

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