My Journey to Embracing the No-Plan-Plan

If you ever meet me, you will know in about the first 14 seconds that I am a planner.

Most of the time, that’s a good thing. I get stuff done in the most efficient way possible.

But occasionally, it gets me in a bit of trouble and causes some stress in my life. ESPECIALLY as an Army wife.

When I first started writing for Army Wife Network a couple of years ago, I wrote about being flexible. Although I was talking the talk, let’s just say that my walk was still a bit shaky.

And even a few years later, it still is.

The last year and a half, I have been privileged to serve on the Executive board with Protestant Women of the Chapel here at Joint Base Lewis McChord.

It was great. It was fun. It was memorable.

But ohhh, for the love of chocolate sauce, was it a growth experience.

And let me remind you that there’s probably a reason why these kinds of things are called “Growing Pains” instead of “Growing Parties.”

The leadership positions I held stretched me, especially in the area of being flexible and rolling with the punches.

When I first began my leadership experience in this area, I was a hot mess after each weekly Tuesday meeting of about 80-100 women. Exhausted. Stressed. And sometimes even discouraged.

Then I realized: Even if we aren’t physically IN the Army, we still have to deal with all things Army when doing anything remotely related TO the Army.

Talk about a #Duh moment for me.

Every Tuesday, there was usually a new obstacle that would arise. The Chapel would be locked. Our supplies would have been used by another organization. Watchcare for our kiddos was short-handed.

Eventually, I implemented a system with my leadership team called the “No-plan-plan.”

It was the rough idea of what we *hoped* would happen on Tuesday, with plenty of wing-it-wiggle-room padded in there for the unknowns that were sure to arise.

And wouldn’t you know it? I was no longer living at level 5 crazy person each week. (Maybe level 3… or maybe even level 1 crazy on a stellar week…)

Since that time, I have started implementing the “No-plan-plan” into my “real” life as an Army wife.

No Plan Plan

Slowly, oh-so-slowly, I am getting the hang of it. A small bud of spontaneity is beginning to blossom. And it is very exciting.

It’s been a long time coming.

I’m already seeing so much fruit from this no-plan-plan theory, specifically with the crazy curveballs the Army throws at us.

I am less stressed. I find more joy in my everyday. I am nicer to my husband. I’m learning to have fun. I’m engaging in ways to release things I can’t control. And I am slowly understanding the meaning of REST.

It’s hard and exciting all at once. But I don’t regret it, not one single bit.

Readers, are you a roll-with-the-punches kind of person? Or are you a bit like me and the curve balls of the Army throw you for a loop? How do YOU cope? I would love to hear all about it. Chime in and leave a comment below.

Now, if you will excuse me, I’ve got some no-plan-plans to go plan out. (Er, I mean…I am planning not to plan.#WorkInProgress)

About Sharita Knobloch

Sharita Knobloch is the Executive Officer for Army Wife Network. She is married to her beloved infantryman husband Brandon. The joys and challenges of #ArmyWifeLife ignited her faith on a deep level, so she answered the call to ministry in July 2011. Soon after, Sharita received her Master’s Degree in Christian Leadership from Liberty University.

Sharita is not only an Army Wife, but is also a Toddler-Mama, Smallish-dog-owner, aspiring-runner, writer, speaker and spiritual leadership coach. She loves encouraging others through her personal blog, 7 Days Time. The Knobloch family believes that it is a great privilege to watch God work as they minister in their Army community, regardless of zip code or time zone (They are currently stationed at the 5th Ranger Training Battalion in Dahlonega, Georgia.)

Sharita gets way too excited about office supplies and journal shopping. She is a certified auctioneer, wore duct tape to senior prom (for a scholarship contest #DontJudge), discovered that Zentangle is her relaxation jam, overuses #Hashtags on a regular basis and frequently uses #America! as a verb.

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