MY PCS Nightmare!

First time PCSing?? Well please learn from my mistakes, for your sanity, please invest your time and money into putting your stuff in actual boxes!!

As I look around my house full of stuff, I can’t help but start envisioning the packing process!

We have so much stuff and I don’t even want to deal with it, but I don’t want to get rid of it either! I love the home we have created together here at Ft. Benning. And while I am excited to be moving on (I know my husband is beyond thrilled to be leaving here!), it is bittersweet.

It means all our stuff that makes up our beloved mess is going to sit in boxes for the year and half we go separate ways due to the wonderful Army. I’m hoping and praying that nothing gets ruined while it’s stored because I don’t want to lose any of it. Oh, all our wonderful memories!

But thinking about packing my house up reminds me of when I moved here last May. Because I moved the day after I graduated from USC, I was so busy (and totally broke) that I didn’t have the time or money to put my stuff in boxes! So I didn’t!

I left all my stuff just as it was, packed into the few tubs and boxes I had, and the rest was clumped in piles! As we began loading the moving truck, my mom was cursing me for my (lack of) packing style! I had stuff in bins and baskets and totes and gift bags left over from our wedding!

I left all my clothes on the hangers hanging in the closet (the few duffel bags and suitcases I had were filled with the clothes from the dresser!

It was bad, I will fully admit that! It made loading and unloading the cars and truck a total nightmare! My mom swore she would never help me move again!

We all survived with most of our sanity still intact! But it was rough, and definitely a rookie mistake! So learn from me! If you’re doing a DITY move or even a partial DITY move, just do yourself a favor and buy some boxes! It is an investment worth making; your sanity will thank your budget for allowing it!

Now back to contemplating this move!


About Grace Lipscomb

Grace Lipscomb has been an Army wife for a little over a year. She was raised all over the world from South Carolina to Micronesia. A recent graduate from University of South Carolina where she completed her masters degree in Counselor Education, emphasis in marriage and family counseling, she is trying to get her foot in the door to provide services for troops and family members. She is currently a full time stay at home puppy mom to one rambunctious little ball of energy. She loves Starbucks, friends at the dog park, baking, eating all the sweets and cheese she can, and obsessively re-watching all episodes of Gilmore Girls.

One Response to “MY PCS Nightmare!”

  1. Danielle March 30, 2017 8:51 pm

    Ah, we went through something so similar!

    I moved to Hawaii three days after graduating! My husband had already been there since January so I pretty much packed up as much as I could with his stuff when the Army was shipping all of his stuff. I came to Hawaii with four suit cases – it was crazy! I think each PCS will get easier though (at least I hope so! :P)