Army Wife Network’s Spring Fling Events Guide 2017

Army Wife Network’s Spring Fling Events Guide 2017 It’s March and, believe it or not, spring is here! It’s time to dig yourself out of a snow bank, put away the hats and gloves, and check out our Spring Fling Events Guide to find some great activities taking place on your installation and surrounding communities. […]

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There’s No Place Like Home with the VPP

*Post sponsored by the Veteran Preferred Program Realtor Referral Network* As a military spouse, I do A LOT of dreaming. And no, I don’t mean sleep-dreaming (although I wouldn’t protest if someone would offer to watch my preschooler and newborn so I can sneak in a quick power nap) . My kind of dreaming are […]

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When “Winter” Seems to Last Forever

Life is all about the seasons. Sorry if that sounded kind of corny or slightly cliche, but from where I’m sitting, it is true, especially for military spouses. We have seasons of joy. We have seasons of pain. We have seasons of hopeful anticipation. Of disappointment. Of frustration. Encouragement. Waiting. Challenge. Victory. Yes, it’s all […]

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