First time PCSing?? Well please learn from my mistakes, for your sanity, please invest your time and money into putting your stuff in actual boxes!!

MY PCS Nightmare!

As I look around my house full of stuff, I can’t help but start envisioning the packing process! We have so much stuff and I don’t even want to deal with it, but I don’t want to get rid of it either! I love the home we have created together here at Ft. Benning. And […]

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When TDY is A-OK

In our house, I’m The Locator. My kids will joke that I can find Jimmy Hoffa, and they are two generations too young to know who Jimmy Hoffa was. You name it, I can find it. Beloved stuffed animals, the remote control, the checkbook, the washing machine. In addition to being The Locator, I’m also […]

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Saying “I Love You” Without Words

I went to a wedding celebration for friends of mine over the weekend. It’s exciting to see “new” love, even though both of these friends are in their 40’s. The guests played a game where each took a wooden log from a Jenga® game and wrote a piece of marriage advice on it. The pieces […]

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