The Worst Things You Can Say to a Woman Whose Husband is Deployed

I have a lot of friends with husbands who are deployed right now. For most of them this is at least their second or third deployment to go through as a couple. So the other day I was talking with a friend whose husband is currently deployed and we started talking about the most annoying […]

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Military Women “Firsts”

First to Receive Medals: The first, and only, woman to receive the Medal of Honor was Dr. Mary E. Walker, a contract surgeon during the Civil War. The first woman to receive the Purple Heart was Annie G. Fox while serving at Hickam Field during the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor Dec 7, 1941. The […]

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Footsteps and Echoes

So, I am always astounded at negative feedback, feedback that is harsh and loud and in no way constructive. Why, why, why? I’m all for opinions being shared. And mostly–as I understand it–the lashing out is borne of mistrust, feelings of abandonment, and deep seated feelings that War is wrong. It’s not meant to be […]

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