Hamburger Buddy

  Recipe provided by EatingWell Servings: 6 Yield: 6 servings, about 1 1/3 cups each Total Time: 40 minutes Prep Time: 40 minutes Recipe Description: Very finely chopping onion, mushrooms and carrots in the food processor is not only fast—it makes the vegetables hard to detect for picky eaters. They also form the base for […]

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Working Towards Change: Army Family Action Plan (AFAP)

I am sitting here tonight so excited! Why you may ask? Well I am getting ready to facilitate my first AFAP Conference tomorrow. This is my first year becoming involved with AFAP and I am so glad I took the time to find out about this valuable program. I know a lot of us have […]

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Field Problem – Career Conundrum

My husband was recently brought back on Active Duty, so I have become a full-time Army Wife. He will be continuing his training at Ft. Bragg in a couple of weeks. Prior to my husband being called back to active duty I worked as a teacher with a master’s degree. Now I am wondering what I can do to get a job on base, either teaching or otherwise. Whom would I contact for employment help at Ft. Bragg? Also, what is your opinion – is it better to work on or off post? Any help you could pass along will be very helpful.

Thank you,
Emily; en route to Fort Bragg, NC; Army; less than 1 year

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