Fly Your Flag High – Here Are Some Etiquette Tips!

It is a time for patriotism. As a military spouse, I am thrilled to see pride in our country. Everywhere you turn you see bumper stickers, yellow ribbons, and flags. Our national symbol, an American flag, we fly them, but do we know how to properly take care of our flags? Do we know how […]

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Post with the Most: Ft. Benning, GA

Each month we will ask one lucky AWN follower to be our resident expert on the post where he/she lives. If you want to be part of our PWTM segment please let us know by contacting us at or me personally at Don’t forget to visit our Army Installations page where you can provide feedback and comments on previous PWTM postings at

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“Zero To Ten In Six”.. Month Three

Roll Call…. At this point we have the serious runners who have made the commitment to see this journey to the end. Your body has been going through a few adjustments and the aches and pains have risen to the surface. We are approaching the halfway point and there is no turning back. The following […]

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