Keep On the Sunny Side

I’ll admit it~I am one of those moms who force strange music on my children. Perhaps not strange in the sense that the kids are familiar with Latvian folk tunes, but definitely out of the mainstream of today’s music. Currently, Izzy and Bullet’s favorite CD is the soundtrack to “Oh, Brother, Where Art Thou?” Hooray […]

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Life is What we Make it…

Every once and awhile it’s empowering to stop and take stock of where you are on this military journey. Ten, even five years from now you might look back and be somewhere completely different than where you expected or even planned you’d be. I know I definitely am… I was the career girl when we […]

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Field Problem – Financial Benefits of Deployment

I keep hearing about all of these financial benefits that we should be taking advantage of while my husband is deployed, but I haven’t got a clue where to find out more information on what they are. Can you help?

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