Why do I care?

In my time as an Army wife, and in between, we’ve moved quite a bit. I’ll meet new people, make new “friends” and well…..then usually they turn out NOT to be what I thought or hoped they’d be. It seems to happen to me at least half the time. Pretty much 1 in 2 people […]

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Frantically Lonely

My husband deployed last week. It was just plain weird. It does not seem natural at all to say “see ya later” – and mean in a year+. Before he left, I made myself a schedule of what to do all day so that I wouldn’t just watch the game show channel and go days […]

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I know now why they called him “Goose”!

You remember “Goose” from Top Gun? He was such a good guy. I never got why they called him “Goose.” Now today, I came across a article called “The Wisdom of Flying Geese” (author unknown). And I think, yeah, that sounds like him. In fact it sounds like us too. So, here is that article–my […]

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