But Can You Volunteer For Just One More Thing?

The other day I was chatting over Yahoo! Messenger with a long lost bud from our last move. She marveled over all of the new endeavors I was working on while my husband is going back to school. “How are you able to do all this stuff?” she asked. My reply: “I’m taking a temporairy […]

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Re-integration is Hard

He packs his bags and you say your goodbyes. You and the kids see him off. You return home. Three weeks go by and you’re getting into your natural rhythm of deployment. Three months and you’re well on your way. Six months, nine months, and then the day he is scheduled to re-deploy draws nearer […]

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What is Normal?

There is so much emotion on the Blog right now. We have both those who are just beginning their husband’s deployment and those who have already endured a long separation…and are just so tired and lonely. Like Laura’s husband, my best friend left in January. I am feeling so many emotions…and not only do they […]

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