He’s my lobster…

My husband wrote me a letter before he left. He kept repeating that he wished that he could take all of my pain away. Before he left he asked if there was anything else that I needed. The only thing I could think to tell him was for him to stay. Now, logically I knew […]

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No, I am not OK..thank you very much

After about 6 years of being an Army wife, I just realized something today. I don’t have to be OK–this for me was a huge epiphany. My husband deployed in January and I have been striving since then to carry on. You know…pay the bills, keep the house maintained, keep the yard neat, the vehicles […]

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The Writing’s On The Wall

As I go about my day I find comfort in my home. For my home is a connection to my husband. Yes, it is where my computer is so I have my literal connection to my husband. Just as important, though, are all the memories and reminders of him…us…that fill its walls and surround me. […]

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