Getting Involved

I talk to wives, and I scan bulletin boards, and so on and so forth, and over and over again I see people who ‘don’t like the drama’ or don’t like the people in their Family Readiness Group (or key volunteers, or whatever they call it in other services), or they’ve heard bad things about […]

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Don’t let yourself go when he gets home

When my fiancé left in August of last year, I began working out to relieve some of the stress and loneliness that I was feeling. I would either walk with a friend or do some kind of aerobics at home along with strength training on the weekends. I was very active in high school and […]

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I think the Army needs a mentoring program. Most jobs, you have on the job training, In professional jobs, you often have a mentor. I think we need a mentor program for military spouses – especially for first deployments. A program that hooks up the brand-new wife (or fiancée) with an experienced one; that connects […]

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