A Breaking Point

Today we reached a breaking point. First let me say that I don’t normally blog about all this personal stuff because quite frankly it puts me in a very vulnerable position. I mean, I’m supposed to be your leader right? Then I think that if you know that you are not alone and other spouses […]

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Simple Joys

It donned on me last week after hanging up the phone from our 15 min MWR call that I had with my husband that he has definitely missed most of Wrena’s life and is about to miss a good chunk of Chloe’s. I just sat there crying. I normally don’t think about it. It is […]

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Look out world – now this is empowerment!

Ok, spill it. What is the most amazing thing that you have done while your hubby is deployed? You know the thing that made you stand out in the middle of your driveway and shout, “I AM ARMY WIFE HERE ME ROAR!” Admittedly, I have done some pretty amazing stuff, if I should say so […]

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