Frantically Lonely

My husband deployed last week. It was just plain weird. It does not seem natural at all to say “see ya later” – and mean in a year+. Before he left, I made myself a schedule of what to do all day so that I wouldn’t just watch the game show channel and go days […]

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I know now why they called him “Goose”!

You remember “Goose” from Top Gun? He was such a good guy. I never got why they called him “Goose.” Now today, I came across a article called “The Wisdom of Flying Geese” (author unknown). And I think, yeah, that sounds like him. In fact it sounds like us too. So, here is that article–my […]

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I am just one of you

Tonight I found myself outside of my comfort zone. Kevin and I recently gave up battery command. We had been in only two battalions since we have been here and both we’ve been with people who are Field Artillery. We just moved to Brigade. It’s…different. Not bad, just different. I immediately contacted someone I knew […]

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