Got “that” t-shirt?

Often, when asked how my day is—on a particularly bad day—I try to turn it around on the other person and ask them to tell me about theirs first. I do this for two reasons: 1) to let them get off their chest what they’d like to before I share my day’s pain and 2) […]

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Poptarts, Crocs, & Sweaty Holey Tshirts

…No, this isn’t my Christmas list! ha ha ha It’s the little things. The little things that make me miss him most. Poptarts: Kevin stood in the pantry as I made the grocery list. “Is there anything you want honey?” I asked. He asked for some Poptarts. He loves poptarts. I proceeded to ask him […]

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Military Child vs. Civilian Child

A list of some comparisons between military children and their civilian counterparts, making them some unique and courageous souls.  1. A civilian child might dance around or talk during the National Anthem. A military child stands quietly with his hand over his heart. 2. A civilian child has a best friend in her hometown. A military […]

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