Are they really babysitters?

Is your husband a babysitter? Think about that one really hard before you answer. When you need to go to a military event, be it FRG meeting, coffee, or other event, does your husband “babysit” your children? I’m pretty sure if he does then he might not really be the father of your children. He […]

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Twinkle Twinkle Little “Star”…

I know that sounds so silly doesn’t it? I know you’re probably about to kill me for being so corny…. I would like to introduce my business partner. You all know her as Star Henderson, Newsletter Editor of AWTR’s monthly news. You’ll get to know her better as she is going to start blogging here […]

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Something to be proud of….

Some women think that if their husband is an officer that automatically gives them some sort of “advantage” over the others. Some women think that if their husband is enlisted that they must be at a disadvantage (or think others perceive them at a disadvantage) and walk around with this huge grudge or chip on […]

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