Military Child vs. Civilian Child

A list of some comparisons between military children and their civilian counterparts, making them some unique and courageous souls.  1. A civilian child might dance around or talk during the National Anthem. A military child stands quietly with his hand over his heart. 2. A civilian child has a best friend in her hometown. A military […]

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Politics, Smolitics — but this time I just have to comment.

You know I am not normally one to be a political conversationalist. In fact, I purposely steer clear of the topic because I feel that there are much more important things for me to be doing with military families other than arguing if we are Republican or Democrat or about our views. The truth is […]

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Everything I ever learned, I learned from the Army

I say a lot that I have the Army to thank for everything that I am AND everything I’m not. That goes for my junior years in high school and college ROTC, basic training and AIT, my years in service, and my years as an Army girlfriend and wife. Some might say I’m naive–not the […]

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