Pay it Forward

Hi Everyone! I’m so glad to be home from my deployment!  Being active duty has many challenges, as does my family when I’m gone.  While I was gone this time, I realized that I was in my “zone” and had completely forgotten about my own birthday.  Now I know that sounds crazy but when your job is taking care of other people, we really seem to neglect taking care of ourselves and even our birthday.

birthdaySo this year, I spent my birthday in Germany working a 14 hour shift.  And what a day that was!  It started out like every other day, going to work and checking out all my usual important stuff.  I was really concentrating on helping some Wounded Warriors get home, so definitely not thinking about myself.  Then it became lunchtime.  So, I borrowed a coworkers car and proceeded to the shoppette to grab something to eat.  After acquiring some non healthy food (pizza to be exact!) I pulled out of the shoppette and immediately saw the flashing lights behind me.  Disgusted with myself for not coming to a complete stop at the stop sign, I rolled down my window.

The nice PFC asks me all the usual questions, and then asked me my birthdate.  I looked confused for a moment and then asked him what the date was.  He answered 28 September.  I looked at him and said, ” Oh, well today is my birthday!”  I was so tired that I had completely forgotten.  But that MP sure didn’t and he gave me my first present of the day….a pretty pink ticket.  As I drove back to the office, I was just so bummed that it was my birthday and I was again away from my family, and it’s not like I wanted all the young Soldiers in my office to catch wind I had gotten older, so I decided to say nothing when I got back.

I proceeded to get completely submerged back in my work for the rest of the day and even put in a few extra hours.  When I finally left the office, I realized that there was only one place left, open that late that was close to my room that I could eat dinner at, and of course it was pizza again. So, I just said to heck with it and walked over there.  The nice girl behind the counter looked at me and said. “Someone had a rough day.”  I just smiled and looked at the mirror behind the counter, I looked super tired and dead on my feet.  Those past few weeks had ben pretty crazy.  So I placed my order, and like good people they look at your ID when they take your debit card to make sure it is in fact yours.  I then went and sat down waiting for my order.

After 15 minutes went by, the ladies from the back came out with my order, half a carrot cake, some cookies, and some soda.  They all sat down with me, sang happy birthday and ate dinner with me.  I guess I didn’t realize how many times I had gone there and always been nice, given them tips, and told them I hoped they had a great day.  One of them even reminded me I had walked in on a Saturday and fixed their cashier’s drawer because it wouldn’t close properly.  I had forgotten about that.  So all these times I had been nice and gave a hand when they needed it had not gone unseen.  For this time, when I needed someone the most, out of left field I made some new friends, and has the best carrot cake ever for my birthday.

Lessons learned here: You never know when people are watching you, so always do your best and the right thing.  Tonight, I tip my glass of wine to those ladies that made such an impact on my life while I was deployed, which I will surely always remember to pay it forward!


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