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Camp Humphreys, South Korea

Each month here at Army Wife Network, we do a segment that highlights an Army installation.  We do this so we can provide you with as much information about a post as possible.  We also call on you, our loyal AWN fans, to help us compile this information and give us a personal look at what life is like at each post.  Look for these spouses’ personal comments in red below.

This month we are taking a look at Camp Humphreys in South Korea.  Camp Humphreys is one of the fastest growing installations in Korea and is located only 55 miles from Korea’s capital, Seoul. Here is what you need to know about Camp Humphreys!


Major Units/What Post is “known for” (i.e. basic training, AIT, MP Headquarters etc):

Camp Humphreys is home to the following units: CategoryGraphic-PWTM
1-38 Branch Movement Control
176th Financial Battalion
194th Combat Sustainment Support Battalion
20TH MP Detachment
22nd KSC Co.
2nd Combat Aviation Brigade
3-2 Aviation Regiment
304th Signal Battalion
35th ADA Brigade
4-2 Aviation
4-58th Airfield Operations Battalion
501st Signal Co.520th (TMDE)
524 Military Intelligence Battalion
532 Military Intelligence Battalion
557th MP Co.
568th Medical Co.
6-52 ADA
602 Battalion
607th WS
618th Dental Co.
75th Medical Co.
7th ROK Air Force Commo
Porta Shields Office

Name of Surrounding Cities:

Anjung-Ri, Korea
Pyeonggtaek, Korea
Osan, Korea
Suwon, Korea

Closest MAJOR City:

Seoul, Korea – Approx. 55 miles


“Humid and hot May-Sept, mild in October/April, VERY Cold November-March.” – Military Spouse, Rose Majka

“The area has 4 general seasons but can get very cold in the winter while it also is extremely HOT and HUMID in the summer.”  – Military Spouse, Christa Graves

“It’s hot in the summer and rains heavily during monsoon season. It can get very cold in the winter.”  – AWN Core Team Member, Corrie Blackshear

Time Difference:  Korea is 14 hours ahead of the US Eastern Time Zone



Post Website:


Historical Facts/Landmarks on post:


Housing Office –

On-Post Housing – Housing on base is limited – there are only 148 housing units – the waiting list is 6-18 months.

“3 brand new high rise towers have just been built and will open in March. The housing wait list is now almost non-existent. New housing is beautiful but not close to Commissary or PX, as of now. Old towers are very nice and spacious, located near PX and Commissary.” – Military Spouse, Rose Majka

Off – Post Housing –

“I live off post and LOVE it!! There are a variety of options off post including high rise apartment buildings, small apartment complexes and some stand-alone homes.” – Military Spouse, Christa Graves

Adult Education: 

Camp Humphrey’s Education Center:
Central Texas College


School Liaison Officer:  Location: S-572, Rm 117 – 753-8069


DODDS School District –

“Many people home school their children here and there is a great home school group!” – Military Spouse, Rose Majka


Humphreys American School –
Osan Elementary School –


Humphreys American School –
Osan Middle School –

High School

Osan High School –

Youth Services:

Army Community Service (ACS):



On-Post Library:

MWR Website:

Camp Humphreys Army Health Clinic –

Closest Hospitals:
Dankook University Hospital –
Good Morning Hospital –

Spouses Clubs:

Camp Humphreys United Club –

Chaplain & Religious Services/Organizations:

Freedom Chapel –



Hwa Hwa
Uncle Tomato
Wara Wara
Taco Dome
Tommy D’s
Alaskan Mining Company

Best place to get your hair/nails done:

Star Nails in the Ville
Oriental Nails in the Ville


Myeongdong (they have a Forever 21 and H&M)
Market Day in the Ville (held on the 3’s and 8’s of the month)

Hidden Gems:

Rose Garden in Seoul Grand Park

“Not really hidden, but people still don’t seem to know about it. They have a great sports complex there at Humphreys, and the occasional softball/football tournament can be fun for the whole family (whether you play or not).” – AWN Core Team Member, Corrie Blackshear

Must Do:

Zoo in Seoul Grand Park
Coex Mall Aquarium
Jeju Island


“Camp Humphreys is growing and becoming bigger and better. Command Sponsorship still isn’t a guarantee and you can always come over NCS. NCS families do not get a spot in the schools for their children and need special permission to have a car. AC and heat are expensive here, but you get a lot of money for utilities, use the money for the utilities and you won’t have to freeze or overheat.”  – Military Spouse, Rose Majka

“Camp Humphreys is a great post with lots of activities for both single and unaccompanied soldiers as well as families. In my opinion, this is very helpful since we are so far away from the “comforts of home.” Being stationed at Humphreys is an amazing opportunity and I am grateful that I have been able to share it with my family.” – Military Spouse, Christa Graves

“There will be times when you hate it all. Hate Korea, hate the distance, hate the Army, whatever. When you get into that state, understand that it will pass. It’s like anything else in life… if you sit and wait for stuff to happen to you, you become a spectator. Become a player in the game.” – AWN Core Team Member, Corrie Blackshear


“Ship a lot of stuff ahead of time on your own dime. HHG and unaccompanied baggage can take 1-2 months. Do not ship your brand new car over here, it will get ruined. You can buy junkers for less than $1000 for the duration of the tour.” – Military Spouse, Rose Majka

“Make sure to get a tourist passport as there are a lot of opportunities to travel to other countries in Asia easily.” – Military Spouse, Christa Graves

“This is subjective, but I’d recommend that you bring less stuff than you think you’d need, furniture wise. Bring your mattresses unless you like really, REALLY firm mattresses… as in, you may as well sleep on the floor, they’re so firm. Housing will issue a queen sized bed for you, and twin XL for the kids (shop for that size of sheet before you go… the PX doesn’t have a great selection).”  – AWN Core Team Member, Corrie Blackshear                                                                                  

For more information on what to do when you arrive, what to eat, do, learn, where to live, and travel while in Korea, check out Korea Ye.


Army Wife Network would like to thank the following spouses for their help in creating this Post with the Most segment:

Rose Majka                                       Christa Graves                     Corrie Blackshear

If you have something to add about Camp Humphreys, please feel free to add your comments below!


About Post with the Most

Each month, we do a segment that highlights an Army installation. We do this so we can provide you with as much information about a post as possible.

5 Responses to “Post with the Most – Camp Humphreys, South Korea”

  1. Dillon April 10, 2013 1:48 am

    I was wondering if there were any youth sports on camp Humphreys? My oldest loves fastpitch softball.

  2. Janet McIntosh April 10, 2013 8:33 am

    Dillon, try checking out the link above for youth services – you should be able to find out something there! 🙂

  3. elissa grandjean March 22, 2014 9:04 am

    Can anyone tell me if there is a weight limit on dogs in the family living quarrers?

  4. Robin May 29, 2015 8:56 pm

    I am a DOD spouse moving here with a teenager and elementary age children, I know nothing about this place and feel overwhelmed, I have never done an overseas move and will be here 3 to 5 years. I also already work for MWR and am wondering what the job market is like over there.

  5. Sooyon Jeong December 12, 2018 5:52 pm

    Camp humphrey is not family friendly unit. Only one POV is allowed and must get approval for 2nd POV. Its really depends on commander. There is no sick call services within the clinic. It is transitional stage where all the military installations is moving from Youngsang to Humphreys. That’s including hospital and they will not issues host nations referrals for specialist. The specialist will visit once a month. Transportation within the base runs often but red line no longer stops front of Central Elementary and Height school. (Due to safe reasons, there is no cross walk sign or road to across street for pedestrian. They only offers stop in Blue line. The base is designed in wired way to go out the gate takes good 10-15 minutes (due to closures of many gate for safe reasons) Most soilders doesn not accompany thier family and its only one year tour and chain of command is not understanding towards soldiers who brings thier dependents and yoi only allow one POV. Its been 2 months, can even think of joining any activities especially if you live off post GLH like Asan. Crossing my finger for 2nd POV approval.

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