PWTM: Fort Wainwright, Alaska

One of the most challenging aspects of the military spouse life is preparing for an upcoming PCS or if you get the chance, potentially picking a new duty station. There is a lot of information out there, and it can be almost overwhelming.

We here at Army Wife Network want to take some of the guesswork out of the need-to-knows about duty stations around the globe. Hence, our POST WITH THE MOST SERIES. In this particular blog, we will be showcasing information related to Fort Wainwright, Alaska.

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Fort Wainwright is the home of the United States Army Garrison Alaska and units of the United States Army Alaska (USARAK), including the 1st Stryker Brigade Combat Team, 25th Infantry Division; the USARAK Aviation Task Force; and the Medical Department Activity-Alaska. Fort Wainwright is co-located with the great city of Fairbanks, which is home to more than 50,000 people and provides virtually everything you and your family would enjoy in any other city in America.


Fort Wainwright is home to the following units:

Surrounding Cities:

 Closest MAJOR City: Fairbanks (<5 miles). You can find more information on the city by visiting the Fairbanks Visitor’s Center and the Fairbanks Chamber of Commerce.

Names of Area Colleges:

Weather: Fort Wainwright is part of a sub-artic climate. Winters are long and summers are short with most rainfall happening in summer. Heaviest snowfall happens from October to January, and snowfall is likely through May. Fairbanks’ annual average high temperature is 37 degrees F, and the warmest months are usually May through August. The annual average low temperature for Fairbanks is 17 degrees F.

Time Zone: Fort Wainwright is in the Alaska Time Zone and they observe Daylight Saving Time. The site can help you look up day length for Fairbanks. You can view each day of the month to get a feel for how much sunlight you can expect throughout the year.


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 Map of the area

You can find a more detailed map on pages 62 and 63 of this electronic welcome book. It may take a minute to load as the online booklet is over 100 pages.

Historical Facts/Landmarks: Fort Wainwright was originally a cold weather test site for aircraft, beginning in 1940. It was first named Ladd Field in honor of Maj. Arthur Ladd. In January 1961, the base was transferred between braches to become Fort Wainwright, named in honor of Jonathan M. Wainwright.

Historic Buildings

Ladd Field National Historic Landmark

Ladd Air Force Base Cold War Historic District

Prehistoric Archaeological Sites


On-post Housing is managed by North Haven Communities

Temporary Housing is also available on post.

Major realty/rental companies in the area:


School Liaison Officer

 School Districts:

On-Post Schools

Off-Post Schools



Health Care:

Best place for beauty services:



North Pole:



North Pole:


Also, check out for lots of information regarding things to do throughout the state.


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Installation Facebook page: Fort Wainwright 

Military Spouse Groups:

Buy/Sell/Trade Pages:

Religious services:

Additional Spouse Comments & Testimonials:

“Fort Wainwright has so much to offer families. From four ice rinks within 20 minutes, an accredited university, and a technical school to further your education, to local restaurants that you’ll miss and find nowhere else like them when you leave, Fairbanks and North Pole offer so much to residents that you could spend every weekend trying a new activity with your family.” – Amanda S.


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