Saving Money @ the Movies

CategoryGraphic-HH6My favorite thing to do during the summer is go to the movies. The first year we were stationed at Fort Stewart, Georgia the A/C went out in our house. For those who have yet to grace Marne Field, South Georgia is HOT, like seventh ring of down there hot. I love my home Post, but it is hot.  The movie theater was a refreshing way to pass the time during those hot summer months. But it got pricey and fast.

The thing is about being a movie lover is that it can get expensive. But your local penny pincher has a few tips to help you see movies on the big screen in their air-conditioned goodness. Or simply enjoy seeing your favorite movie on the big screen!

–  Does your movie theater have special pricing on Sundays? Our local cinema runs specials on Sundays.

–  What about discounts on movies starting before 5pm? Matinees are usually a dollar or two cheaper than later movies.

–  Many theaters offer military discounts. Make sure you have your military ID on you, many require proof of identification before giving the discount.

–  During the summer many theaters will offer older movies for only a $1 during the day of a random weekday, usually Tuesdays.  Normally these are older movies and are always geared towards kids (G and PG ratings). This is a great way to spend a few hours and treat your kiddos during these long summer days. And it’s great if Momma/Daddy need a break from the pool.

–  Rewards cards!! Both of our local theaters offer reward cards. We earn free popcorn, free drinks, and free movie tickets! Make sure to scan it every time you go, including concessions.

–  Speaking of popcorn… one of our theaters offers a special price popcorn bucket, purchase it then for the rest of the year refills on large popcorn are only $3.50.

–  Just like dollar movie day, there may be a dollar popcorn day. While you are still paying matinee price for the movie, you can save on the treats! Treats are a must have in my family.

–  Do you go to the movie theater on post? There is a great way to save money.

–  Your local warehouse store might have deals on dinner and a movie. Check it out before you commit to a membership though.

–  Daily Deal websites like Groupon and Living Social will offer Fandango gift cards for half price. This is a great way to save money on those summer blockbusters.

Yes, going to the movie can be expensive… but it is a fun activity and there are ways to save a few pennies. I recommend checking out your local theaters to see if they have any of the money savings offers that I mentioned above, and did I mention the lovely air-conditioning?


About Maggie Leung

Maggie Leung is a frugal Army wife that never pays retail. A mother to two boys and wife to an Army Soldier, she stretches her grocery budget to not only feed her small family but their “extended Army family.” But couponing isn’t limited to just the grocery aisles, Maggie has learned the ins and outs of thrifty shopping and is willing to share the tricks of the trade.

“A penny saved is a penny earned” is the Leung family motto. Maggie hopes to teach her penny-wise ways to all Military spouses, either through her website, webinars with the Army Wife Network, and live lectures at their current duty station.

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