Something to be proud of….

Some women think that if their husband is an officer that automatically gives them some sort of “advantage” over the others.

Some women think that if their husband is enlisted that they must be at a disadvantage (or think others perceive them at a disadvantage) and walk around with this huge grudge or chip on their shoulder against officer wives who may or may not have beliefs that fit into the above category.

Some women accept that because of their husband’s rank they have a place in a certain structure in the Army. Some women think that we are all women, military spouses. We all love our soldier and our country. We are all struggling to balance family, work, soldier, household. Some women believe that we have so many experiences the same with the military that the other experiences we differ on because of our husband’s job don’t really matter in the big picture.

Some women accept everyone as equals and find the best in one another even when that person has undesireable qualities that come with the desireable ones.

Some women are just something to be proud of………………

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