Space A Travel

space-availableHow many times have you checked on airline tickets just to find out that you couldn’t afford your dream vacation? Do you dream about the opportunity to travel abroad? Are you up for an adventure?

Check this out! The military offers a great way to travel – Space Available!

We’ll be the first to admit that Space A can seem as though it’s cumbersome and confusing. Truth is it’s really not hard. But, you do have to do your research.

We’ve gathered some great resources to help you!

First, let’s answer the three most frequently asked questions:

What is Space A?
Uniformed Services Space-A Travel or Department of Defense Military Space-Available Travel is a means by which uniformed members of United States services, reservists and retirees, United States Department of Defense civilian personnel (under certain circumstances), and each of these groups’ dependents are permitted to travel on aircraft under the jurisdiction of the United States Department of Defense when excess capability allows.

What does that mean to us as spouses? It’s a way for us to travel almost free of charge on a military aircraft (or contracted aircraft) pending that we are eligible for travel and space is available.

What is the cost of Space A?
Some terminals must collect a head tax or a federal inspection fee from Space A passengers on commercial contract missions. Still, this fee is very nominal.

How do I know where flights fly from and where they go to?
You can do a little research and figure out where you can leave from and what flights are your best bets. There isn’t a strict flight schedule but most bases fly back and forth to the same locations. A good place to see this is on Pepperd’s message boards under Flight Schedules.

Each location has a phone number and/or a website that you can view the flight “show times”. A very helpful list is located at the Air Mobility Command webpage.

Air Mobility Command (Official Info Page)

John D’s Space A FAQ’s

Pepperd’s Message Boards

AWN’s Field Problem™ Space A Advice Column

There’s an APP for Space-A Too!  Take-a-Hop allows authorized U.S. government users to register for Department of Defense (DoD) space-available travel. The tool for all DoD travelers wanting a quick, easy, reliable, and authorized means to sign up for Space-A at primary DoD departure terminals. Now available on the App Store and Google Play.