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Appreciating Your Fellow Military Spouse

I love pulling into my driveway, and not just because it means I’m home and can change into my comfy sweatpants. When I park my car, I’m looking right at my flower garden. If I may be so bold, it’s pretty awesome. There’s a riotous rosebush that I never prune, peonies (because I always plant […]

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Change in the Neighborhood

  My husband and I have been married for less than three years and are still chugging along at our first duty station. I didn’t grow up with an affiliation to the military life, so I am pretty content with things always just being the way they are. Rarely did a big change ever occur […]

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Deployment Battle Buddy

Deployments are a challenge and every one of them is different. Anyone who has been through one, or half a dozen, knows that. Our lives change abruptly and no matter how much planning has been done, a new and unknown monkey wrench gets thrown into the mix. Under normal circumstances, this would be where you […]

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