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The Recruiting Template (Part One)

Although every organization wants to hire the ideal person for the job, those employers know that person does not exist. No one is perfect. A more realistic approach is to define the perfect candidate and then use that definition as a recruiting template. That template has three components: education and training, professional experience, and personality. […]

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The Mission Grows

By: Deb Kloeppel, Founder & President CASY-MSCCN, MYJN, MSEJ Thirteen years ago, co-founder, Amy Rossi, and I identified a need in our military community. Military spouses needed employment resources to help them navigate the challenges of constant PCS cycles and career upheaval, but we knew that their employment needs weren’t being met by the information […]

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Thinking about Thank You Before Your Interview

In the flurry of pre-interview preparation, it’s easy to dismiss the idea of making plans for what comes next. While you are mid-interview prep, it may seem like there will never be a “next”—for all you know, you could be preparing forever, like some kind of job market “Groundhog Day.” Though it may seem impossible, […]

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