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No Matter What

Are you busy?  Do you take care of the home, the kids, the spouse and the car?  Do you volunteer?  Work a full time job?  Are you involved in organizations?  Do you give, give and then give some more?  Do you take the kids from one activity to the next?  Are you always there for […]

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What are the Early Signs of Autism?

If you’re planning to have a baby or are currently pregnant, getting to know the early warning signs of autism can be a huge advantage for you and your kids. In fact, research suggests if you already have one child with autism, your risk of having another autistic child increases by about 20 percent, says Daniel Openden, vice president and clinical services director of the Southwest Autism Research and Resource Center (SARRC).

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The Power of Power Napping

Seriously! We “power” everything else…power walk or power up. But have you ever just “powered down”? If you know me even a little, you know that I highly recommend napping. But, not just falling asleep in place or snuggling up with a good book and the zzzzzzzzz monster coming along. I mean building the healthy […]

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