Thank you, Friends

It’s four o’clock in the morning and I am lying in bed wide awake, restless. I just returned home from dropping my husband off to catch his plane to Normandy, France where he will be jumping in honor of the 73rd D-Day celebration.

Unable to fall right back to sleep, I opened all of my social media apps to catch up on what’s happening in the states where it’s still Sunday night of Memorial Day Weekend.

Almost every single one of my childhood friends was sharing photos and videos of the same thing – a MDW barbeque at an old friend’s house.

It’s days like today that I really miss home and the people I shared so many childhood memories alongside.

Seeing these posts as I lie in bed alone, wide awake in the middle of the night, halfway across the world in another country, makes me almost wish I was home in New York instead.

I’m thankful to be here, though. To be with my husband living a life most can only dream of, even though he has to be away right now. And I’m really thankful for all of those childhood friends, too. They were a part of some of the best years of my life – just different years.

We played sports together, had sleepovers, shared homecomings and proms, snuck in and out of our houses together, navigated the awkward years that were middle school and high school. Heck, most of us have been together since we were in preschool.

We’ve really done it all together.

And now, my life is just…different. Not better, not worse, just different.

I committed to a serious relationship at a young age and devoted my late high school and college years to that relationship. I married two months after my college graduation and moved to another country with my new husband all before turning twenty-three.

Thankfully, I still have those friends, even though they play a smaller role in this new life I’ve been building. We’re just different kinds of friends today than we once were. Most of those childhood friends are still dating, enjoying one another’s company in their free time.

Not me, though. And that’s okay.

I’m happy to see them when I fly home to New York, knowing I’ll always have those friends from our small hometown. And I’m thankful to keep up with them while I’m far away, too. They’ve each helped to mold me into the woman I am today in their own ways, and I am grateful for that.

Although I wouldn’t want to be anywhere else in the world than creating a new life and family with my husband – even when he’s away – there are plenty of days I long to be home with these old friends making memories. Today is one of those days.

So, to my childhood friends, thank you for your continued friendship, even if it’s just a different kind of friendship today than it used to be.

I am truly grateful and thankful for you, you should know.


About Jackie Wardynski

I’m Jackie Wardynski and I am heading into my third year as an Army Wife. My husband and I live at our first duty station in Vicenza, Italy with our dog, Tasha. We have no children and are enjoying filling our passports with all of the new and exciting places we get to experience during our time overseas. I am a 2014 graduate of Mount Saint Mary College with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Communications and Journalism, but currently I fill my days with household work, my dog, lots of wine tastings, and volunteering with my FRG. My greatest loves include mint chocolate chip ice cream, anything banana flavored, running, writing, and never changing out of athletic clothes.

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