The Breastfeeding Shop: Easy as One, Two, Three!

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 One of the coolest parts of being a parent is watching your little ones learn and grow.

Right now, our 18-month-old son is in that constant discovery stage. Everything is new and exciting, and each day he adds to his vocabulary more and more.

He has recently started “counting,” usually when I am doing my strength training workouts on the living room floor. Maybe it’s just me, but doing push-ups seems a lot more fun when you have a Tiny Human cheering you on and counting the reps. “Uuunnn, doooo, freeeee…” (That’s toddler speak for one, two, three… At least I think it is.)

Now, I’m not a professional parent by any means. I’m learning every day too, especially with a kindergartener and a toddler in tow. But one thing I’ve learned is to find ways to keep things simple when trying to teach them new skills. (I’m a huge fan of working smarter, not harder.)

Example: When I tell our 5-year-old to go clean up her room, sometimes I have to break it down into smaller steps because it seems like such an overwhelming task and she will (almost) panic (or at least get really emotional) at the prospect of trying to tackle it all at once.

So I give her steps: First, gather up all your dirty (or probably never-worn-but-on-the-floor-anyways-so-mama-will-end-up-washing-it-again) laundry. Next, pick up your toys. Finally, put away your books.

Easy, right? Right.

I can identify with the overwhelming feelings like our daughter feels when cleaning her room. I remember when that nifty little double line showed up on that magical little test and suddenly I felt like I was preparing to land a 747 in a blizzard. GULP. Pregnant. We are going to have a baby. NOW WHAT?!

Fortunately, The Breastfeeding Shop is there to help parents-to-be simplify the task of feeding the future Tiny Human.

The process for ordering a breast pump covered 100 percent through Tricare insurance is simple. Actually, it’s as easy as one, two, three!

Step 1: Get a prescription from your doctor

When I was pregnant with my son, I thought that getting my doctor to do the necessary paperwork to send to The Breastfeeding Shop was going to be a debacle. But I was so glad I was wrong! I just took the form into them during one of my normal “baby doc” appointments and they filled it out and faxed it right in front of me. (My new breast pump and accessories were on my doorstep in less than three days! But more on that in a minute.)

Oh, and if you REALLY want to keep things simple, The Breastfeeding Shop will contact your doctor for you if you want! Now that’s what I call customer service! (Contact The Breastfeeding Shop at 866-255-6779 to get the process started.)

Step 2: Select a breast pump

The Breastfeeding Shop has quite the variety of breast pumps to choose from. Browse their selection by clicking HERE. (And if you need some guidance on which breast pump would best fit your needs and lifestyle, check out this blog post.)

Step 3: Fill out the simple online order form.

Click here. Complete. Submit. DONE!

Step 4: Wait expectantly for your supplies and pump to arrive.

And when I say, “wait,” I really mean be on the lookout for it to show up FAST. The Breastfeeding Shop knows that you are on the time schedule of your little bun-in-the-oven, so they make sure to take care of your needs much sooner than later! Oh, and did we mention that The Breastfeeding Shop will ship directly to you with no out-of-pocket cost? Yes, THAT.

That’s it! See, I told you it was easy. It’s like taking baby steps on a path to get your Tricare-allowable breastfeeding accessories with no additional expense on your behalf.

It really IS as easy as one, two, three!

If you would like to connect with The Breastfeeding Shop, visit their website, check out their Facebook Page or follow them on Twitter and Instagram.


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