The Road Trip Bag of Awesomeness

Hey y’all!

Every summer, we take a road trip. One of our favorite splurge locations: Disney World! While we can’t get enough of the mouse house, we are often forced to drive extremely long distances to get there.

Now, don’t get me wrong, I’m not complaining. I love road trips! I especially love road trips to Disney World, but, it is a 16+ hour trip for us from our current location, and I’m not sure my kids share my enthusiasm for the whole road trip experience.

However, no fear here, because I have created the road trip bag of awesomeness, aka, the ‘please-don’t-let-me-hear-are-we-there-yet-in-the-first-hour’ of our trip bag! (Yes, I realize I have a thing about bags. See my previous post HERE  about my secret weapon PCS bag that you military spouses loved!)

This bag is SO easy to put together for your little ones and it offers most everything they could need right at their fingertips. I have 3 children, ages 3 to 8 and they have no problems handling their own bags and get super excited about traveling just so they can see what’s in their bag!

Here’s a peek at our bags for this particular trip.


I’ve included the following things in their bags:

*Their old backpacks from the school year (Might as well get one more use out of them!).

*Coloring books from the Dollar Tree.

*The leftover crayons they brought home at the end of the school year and some markers we had laying around the house.

*Various grade level reading material. (Yeah, I totally don’t feel guilty about sneaking in some learning along the way!)

*Electronic games that they already know and love (Nintendos, Nabis, etc). About a month before our trip, I gather all of these up. I charge them, or change the batteries and stick them in the bags. After a month of not playing them, they are excited about seeing them again and playing them.

*The chargers for the various electronic items. (Side note: my oldest is good to plug these in on his own, but I worry about my youngest, so I just stick her chargers in a plastic zipper bag and shove them in my purse.)

*SNACKS!!!! We have heard “I’m hungry” more times than I can count and adding snacks to their bags makes it super easy for hungry tummies to satisfy themselves. I collected various snacks, using coupons while they are on sale, and stockpiled. These bags include: m&m’s, individual goldfish bags, sixlets candy, fruit roll ups, fruit snacks from Target’s dollar bin, and animal crackers that I bought in bulk and divided into sandwich bags. I know, they aren’t the healthiest choices, but it’s vacation, okay? In my defense, I threw in an apple and cutie orange for them the day of the trip. You could also add carrot sticks, celery sticks or other cut up veggies. Obviously, your snack choices should be based on your child’s age and what you know they like.

* Various dry erase boards from the Target dollar bin.

*Silly putty and Disney characters from the Dollar Tree.

* Sunglasses or hats to keep the sun out of their eyes while on the road and once we get to the parks! Oh, and of course, the Mickey ears hats we bought on our last trip to Disney.

*A road trip activity book that I printed HERE from Pinterest.

* Travel size tissues and hand wipes for runny noses and sticky fingers.

imageThese bags sit nicely beside them or hang great from the back of the seats in front of them. And everything can be thrown in and zippered up when you reach your final destination.

One thing I will say is we don’t put drinks in the bags. One, because we don’t want them to spill in the bag and ruin anything and two because we don’t want any accidents in the car. We keep a separate cooler in the van for drinks and use small bottles of water or juices.

In case you doubted that everything would fit (because let’s be honest, I had my doubts too), here they are packed and ready to go! I’ve also included a homemade pillow for each child to have in the car with them for those oh so golden nap times!

These are the things that will get us through this trip. I’ve also done similar bags for PCS moves and those various trips to visit friends and family, adjusting what’s inside based on where we are going (how about a map of the area for our PCS move that the kids can draw on) and how long we will be in the car (obviously a 4 hour car trip would need less entertainment).

Do you have some ideas for things I can add to our next bag of awesomeness? Share your ideas with us! 

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  1. April Stephens July 28, 2014 3:03 pm

    Working on mine this week too for the day of flying to California. Is that a nabi I see? Our boys use those too.

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