Twinkle Twinkle Little “Star”…

I know that sounds so silly doesn’t it? I know you’re probably about to kill me for being so corny….

I would like to introduce my business partner. You all know her as Star Henderson, Newsletter Editor of AWTR’s monthly news. You’ll get to know her better as she is going to start blogging here with us weekly!

I say “twinkle, twinkle” because behind the eloquent words, great advice, and compassion that you should never underestimate lies a woman who is not so comfortable being in the spotlight. I’m coaxing her….

I’m coaxing her…and she’s grounding me. That is what makes us a good team.

Star will be joining us here on the blog, as well as joining me in presenting FIELD PROBLEMS at, a military Q&A column. She will remain at AWTR doing the newsletter. In true multi-tasking Army wife style, we are already planning bigger things for each of you.

Oh, and Star……I look forward to seeing you “twinkle” as we sparkle our way to the top!

Love, T

About Retired Blogger

Army Wife Network is blessed with many military spouses and family members that share their journey through blogging in our Experience blog category. As we PCS in our military journey, bloggers too sometimes move on. Their content and contributions are still valued and resourceful. Those posts are reassigned under "Retired Bloggers" in order to allow them to remain available as content for our AWN fans.

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