Volunteer with AWN

Did you know that Army Wife Network is COMPLETELY powered by passionate volunteers?

That’s right… Everything you see here on our website, all of our blogs, each broadcast on Army Wife Talk Radio Monday’s at 8pm EST, all Facebook Live Table Talks every other Friday afternoon– all brought to you by volunteers.

We have about 40 volunteers who work tirelessly to continue expanding our resource database and engaging online (and in person!) to support military spouses around the globe. They literally contribute thousands of hours every year to serving as your interactive empowerment for milspouses around the globe at every military installation.

Sure, we might be a little biased, but we think our volunteers are THE BEST.

And we are always looking to add more strength to our all-volunteer-behind-the-scenes army. We would like to invite you to join us in our mission!

We have a variety of volunteer opportunities available, so read on to see where your heart and skill set might fit within our teams. Check out the brief descriptions below and click the hyperlink to explore (and apply!) for the volunteer opportunities. If you have additional questions, feel free to email us at info@armywifenetwork.com. 

Position: Experience Blogger

Approximate Time Commitment: 1-4 hours per month

Duties: As an Experience Blogger, we ask that you contribute one blog post per month for our blogging archive and research database. As the name inplies, most bloggers write about their “experience” as a military spouse: Lessons they’ve learn, life hacks, tips and tricks for success, how they’ve overcome struggles or general pep talk and encouragement pieces. Depending on your writing style and preference, you can choose your topic. If you like the rah-rah-shish-koom-bah pep talk feature pieces, go for it. If you enjoy digging up online resources and putting together informative, factual blogs, by all means, rock it out. Interested? Well, hop on over here to meet our current blogging team or apply to join our Experience Blogging Team. 

Position: Expert Blogger

Approximate Time Commitment: 1-4 hours per month

Duties: Very similar to our Experience Bloggers, Expert Bloggers write usually one blog per month, although we can be flexible. Expert Bloggers are typically individuals that represent a military-supportive or related business that give practical resources or tips for navigating the military spouse life. Check out our current Expert Blogging Team or consider joining us with your monthly Expert contribution!

If you aren’t sure if you are an “Experience” or “Expert” blogger, contact us and we will see where you might best fit. If you can’t quite commit to one blog post per month, we are always looking to share quality guest blog posts on our site as well.

Position: Social Media Squad

Approximate Time Commitment: 1-2 hours per week 

Duties: If you love all things social media,speak #Hashtag, are passionate about sharing resources, networking with other spouses and generally love America, then Social Media Squad (SMS) might be a great fit for you! The Social Media Squad is our team that supports us online. If we something is moving and shaking with AWN via exciting news or helpful resources (which is always the case!) we want to get the info out there. The SMS tunes into our Monday night radio show and engages via Twitter, and likes/comments/shares our resources with their networks whenever they can. It’s easy, fun, and gives a whole new meaning to the phrase #SquadGoals. If you want to join our squad, click here to apply

Position: Core and Support Team

Approximate Time Commitment: Varies, usually 4+ hours per week

Duties: Unlike the previous volunteer position, we aren’t “always” recruiting for our Core and Support Team, because once someone makes it onto our Core and Support Team, they tend to hang around for quite awhile! However, sometimes life seasons change with the addition of a new baby, PCS, military retirement etc.,  and for whatever reason a Core/Support Team member must step down from her position of volunteer service. So every so often, we need to fill a vacancy. We have a variety of positions with a broad range of duties, so if you are interested in joining our Core and Support Team, be sure to watch our Facebook page and subscribe to our online newsletter… And if you really want to get your foot in the door, volunteer as a Blogger or Squad member to make the transition even more of a possibility!