When a Promotion is a Monkey Wrench

Another semester of school has started and, due to a foolish assumption on my part, I’m registered for six classes. At least it counts for “full-time” status for the purposes of the G.I. Bill! Expected graduation is May 2017. Plenty of time to finish here at Western Kentucky University, because we are supposed to be here at Fort Knox until March of 2018.


Unless Big Sarge gets picked up for promotion. His job is tied to the rank that he holds now, and if a promotion comes down the pipe, then it’s an early move for us. The girls are going to have to say goodbye to their friends early. We are going to have to move from our “halfway spot” (halfway between his family and mine) early. And I’m going to have to transfer schools again. Additionally, there is no telling where we would go. Location would be a completely unknown variable.

Monkey Ranch

It’s difficult not to think about this possibility, especially when the curtains just got hung up—a sure sign of an impending move. How a boost to Big Sarge’s career can be a hard thing to adjust to. How sometimes it can’t all be unicorns and rainbows, and trying won’t make it so. How I might be overthinking this whole thing. At least I hope I am.

How do you deal with the monkey wrenches the Army tosses in your life? We always love feedback. Chime in and leave a comment. 


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