Workout Revelation

The one thing I wish I had more of (besides money) is time.

More time to get everyone ready in the morning, more time to meal plan, more time to run errands, more time to spend with family, and lastly, more time to work out.

I get it. We are supposed to work out every day from anywhere between 15-30 minutes. That’s the minimum to stay healthy, if not lose a little weight too.

Compared to how much time I spend doing other things throughout the day (whether it’s realistic or not, I’m convinced it takes me at least 20 minutes to do the dishes), exercising for only 15-30 minutes sounds like a piece of cake. But attached to working out is also the shower needed afterwards and often 15-30 minutes of peace and quiet to focus on said workout.

And don’t even get me started on the different types of workouts, videos, classes, coaching sessions, and so forth that are available to make working out “easier.” I already have a hard time picking out what we are eating as a family today, let alone what workout I need to be doing on this day of the month.

So as my ranting comes to an end, you’ll start to see how much I struggle with the concept of working out even though I know how important it is to stay healthy.

It was when I started making exercise a part of my morning routine that I had a workout revelation. I learned I didn’t need a fancy video series to help me, nor did I need a coach, or an hour dedicated to the gym to feel like I had accomplished a good workout.

Neither did I need the full 30 minutes.

Every day, I get up, work out for a full 15 minutes or more without stopping (besides to get a drink of water) and by the end I am sore and sweaty (you’re welcome for that visual). I quickly learned that I didn’t need a lot of time to work out and I could check Pinterest for the different exercises I want to do to focus on the areas I want focus on.

Seriously, all you have to do is type in keywords such as, “ab workout” or “thigh workout” and at your very fingertips will appear dozens of exercises to focus on the desired areas of the body.

I started with trying a bunch of different ones, filling those 15 minutes with plenty of movement, and as my week went on, I focused on the ones I liked and felt were working my body to the comfortable soreness we all desire with a workout.

Coupled with a healthier eating routine, I feel accomplished knowing I’m starting the day with a great workout that doesn’t take too much time and still leaves me time to shower, get the kids ready for the day, and make a breakfast I won’t be regretting for the rest of the day (bye-bye Poptarts, hello avocado toast).

The lesson I learned? The things we know we should be doing, realistically take a small amount of time, but we first must start doing those things in order to come to this revelation.

Want a sample no-equipment workout? Check out this AWN post here with full details and photos.


About Erica Garvin

Erica Garvin as been an Army wife for 7 years and counting, living in places such as Savannah, Georgia and Fairbanks, Alaska and everywhere in-between. She wears many hats including mother, ESL teacher, travel writer, graduate student, and many more. Erica is a published author of short stories and poems, her work being featured in magazines such as TWJ magazine. Erica doesn't like to stay still for long as she takes her family on fun adventures both around and away from their current duty station.

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