Family Readiness

Exactly what is a Family Readiness Group (FRG)?

The Family Readiness Group is an official Army program established pursuant to AR 600-20, Army Command Policy. Unit Commanders at all levels are expected to establish and/or support FRG operations. FRGs are typically established at the company level with guidance and support from the battalion commander and his/her staff.

Who are the members of an FRG?

All of a unit’s assigned soldiers (both married and single), DA civilians, and their Families (both immediate and extended)
NOTE: While all of these individuals are automatically members, participation is voluntary.

What is the FRG mission?

  • Act as an extension of the unit in providing official, accurate command information
  • Provide mutual support  between the command and FRG membership
  • Advocate more efficient use of community resources to help families solve the problems at the lowest level

FRG Resources

AR 608-1 Appendix J
FRG Legal & Operational Guidance

AR 600-8-1
Army Casualty Program

AE Regulation 608-2
Family Readiness System

AE Regulation 600-8-108
Rear Detachment Command

AE Pamphlet 600-8-108
Family Readiness Support Assistant Guide

USARC Regulation 608-1
Family Readiness Handbook

Army Directive 2007-2
Deployment Cycle Support (DCS) Directive


Red Cross – “Coping with Deployments: Psychological First Aid for Families”

National Military Family Association

Virtual Family Readiness Group
Offers the functions of an FRG in an online setting to serve the needs of geographically dispersed units/families.

Center for Army “Lessons Learned” (CALL)
Includes FRG resources, CALL Handbook, and Guard and Reserve Family Readiness Toolkit

FRG Leader’s Toolkit

These are ideas of the tools you might find helpful as an FRG leader. The first two you would need to request from and discuss with the unit commander. The Continuity Book is created by the FRG and maintained by the FRG leader to help future FRG leaders maintain a consistent FRG presence. The FRG leader’s handbook can either be the existing Army wide handbook or your unit can create a unit-specific FRG Leader’s handbook.

  • Breakdown of Unit’s Composition/Mission (what the unit does/who does what)
  • Long Range Training Calendar
  • Continuity Book
  • FRG leader’s handbook

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