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  • Army Wife Network CoFounder Retires, Names New Owner Army Wife Network Army Wife Network 2650 FM 407 E STE 145/152 Bartonville, TX 76226 940-455-7349 (phone) 888-980-1292 (fax) Army Wife Network CoFounder Retires, Names New Owner (Logo: ) Bartonville, TX – Nov 16, 2015 – In an untraditional business manner, Army Wife Network (AWN), the leading site for Army wives by Army wives, announced the hunt for a military spouse owner or ...

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News from Department of Defense

  • Military Strikes Continue Against ISIS in Syria, Iraq February 23, 2017
    U.S. and coalition military forces have continued to attack the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria, Combined Joint Task Force Operation Inherent Resolve officials reported.
  • Missile Defense Official Helps Pentagon Celebrate Engineers Week February 23, 2017
    One of the Missile Defense Agency’s top officials and an auditorium full of engineers helped to celebrate the 12th annual Engineers Week event at the Pentagon.
  • Face of Defense: Marine Pilot Enjoys Variety in Osprey’s Mission February 23, 2017
    Marine Corps Capt. Stephen Smith, an MV-22 Osprey pilot, says the versatile tilt-rotor aircraft's broad mission set appeals to him. “[The Osprey] has one of the broadest mission sets of any of Marine Corps aircraft,” Smith said. “So I like the various things we get to do. We don’t get stuck doing the same thing every day."
  • OIR Official: 'Conditions Have Been Set' for ISIS Defeat in Western Mosul February 22, 2017
    Iraqi forces are advancing into western Mosul and making steady gains in efforts to liberate the area from the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria, said Air Force Col. John Dorrian, Inherent Resolve spokesman.
  • Carderock's MAKE Lab: One Year Later February 22, 2017
    Since opening its doors, the Manufacturing, Knowledge and Education -- or MAKE -- Lab has attracted a wide variety of employees across Naval Surface Warfare Center, Carderock Division who are curious about the 3-D printing process and its application to Navy programs.

Pay & Benefit News from Army Times

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  • Safeguarding your SEO: Google and Pop-Ups January 9, 2017
    As a blogger or website owner, you know what happens when Google makes an announcement and how it can adversely impact your site’s rankings. In August of 2016, the big G announced it will begin penalizing websites for “intrusive interstitials” (aka pop-ups) on mobile sites in January of 2017. Google has stated that sites with [...]       Related StoriesWhere […]
  • How to Change the Language of Your Emails November 15, 2016
    Working with Language in the ATE The language of your mailings is ultimately determined by the browser settings of your viewers, however, should you wish to manually set the language of your mailings you can do so using the Advanced Template Editor. Select your mailing list – choose I want to… Change… Template Design and [...]         CommentsYes, I agree by […]
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News from Stars & Stripes

  • Hodges affirms commitment to boost US presence in Europe February 23, 2017
    Commitments made to increase the U.S. military presence in eastern Europe and the Baltics remain “rock solid” despite statements by President Donald Trump that NATO was “obsolete” and that allies must boost defense spending, the head of U.S. Army Europe said Thursday.
  • Frenchman who signed Arabic terrorism confession appeals February 23, 2017
    A Frenchman arrested in anti-terrorism raids in Morocco was in court Wednesday to appeal his conviction, claiming he signed a confession in Arabic that he could neither read nor understand.
  • Plum blossom festivals in Japan February 23, 2017
    Places in Japan to celebrate the bloom.
  • Israel reinstates life term of Hamas prisoner freed in swap February 23, 2017
    An Israeli court has ordered a senior Hamas member to complete his life sentence after the man was freed in a 2011 swap of hundreds of inmates for an Israeli soldier held by Hamas, a Palestinian activist said Thursday. Israel has rearrested scores of Palestinians for allegedly resuming anti-Israel activities.
  • Dunford: Counter-Islamic State plan will have global scope February 23, 2017
    The nation's top military officer says a Pentagon-led review of strategy for defeating the Islamic State group will present President Donald Trump with options not just to speed up the fight against IS but also to combat al-Qaida and other extremist groups beyond Iraq and Syria.