Reprint Policy

First, a very big “thank-you” to all who contribute articles to our site, These guidelines are put forth to protect them, our Network, and you our readers.

Reprinting Articles (on paper or online)
Several contributing authors are already established within their field and the industry. Their copyright and contact information will be included with each article or in an accompanying sidebar. Army Wife Network (AWN) has obtained permission for the electronic rights for Army Wife Network only. To reprint, in whole or in part, you must act in accordance with the author’s guidelines, which may be obtained by contacting them and working your own arrangement.

Army Wife Network articles will be annotated with ©Army Wife Network. You may reprint Army Wife Network articles on paper for limited distribution for family readiness meetings,  coffee groups, or similar entities. The audience must be limited in number to less than 75 persons. You must properly cite our Network and original URL as the source. Any reprints for a larger audience require express permission from the Network at

No electronic reprint rights to whole articles are ever granted without express permission. In electronic or paper newsletters, our readers, volunteers or military members, etc. may pick up a “blurb” for an article from our site. A link to (or the printed URL of) the complete Army Wife Network article must appear in the newsletter with the blurb. This “blurb + link” arrangement is permitted on a repeated basis without prior permission.

Anyone may hyperlink to Army Wife Network pages. That link should include a headline or short paragraph that can serve as a “blurb” to accompany the link to Army Wife Network.

Thank You
In all cases of publishing in any form, a courtesy email to info@ArmyWifeNetwork explaining how and when you referenced our articles, columns, and newsletters is expected and greatly appreciated. We would like the necessary information to view and print the publication for our files.